bloom Welcome to Women I Want to Grow Old With.“Women I Want to Grow Old With” is a conversation dedicated to supporting women in being intentional in causing, sustaining, and growing our female friendships throughout our lives!Women need and depend on one another for connection, celebration, perspective, and support. Expanding our circle of deep, intimate friendships safeguards our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Friendships literally sustain and protect us. Not only do friendships help people fight life threatening diseases like cancer, but having friends may even reduce your risk of catching a cold! Learn more by reading this medical article on the benefits of having friends as a social support system.

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Keep your friendships alive. Join in the conversation, post photos of you and your
friends, ask for insights from other women,
or discover new relationships you can
take offline.

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Diane Gage Lofgren and Margaret Bhola
travel around the United States sharing
their experiences and expertise on creating
and sustaining female friendships to last
a lifetime.

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The Book

"Women I Want to Grow Old With" offers
insights and suggestions for designing
extraordinary friendships.

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