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Be Part of the Conversation to Cause and Sustain Intentional Female Friendships
Authors and speakers Diane Gage Lofgren and Margaret Bhola are passionate about helping women be intentional in making and keeping friends. They’ve each had deep personal experiences that made them recognize how much they wanted and needed girlfriends, now and in the future.

“Do You Want to Be A Woman I Grow Old With?”
Diane and Margaret met in 2004 at a women’s leadership conference where Diane attended a session led by Margaret. At lunch, they shared their challenges in raising teenagers. A connection emerged and a friendship ensued. When Diane took Margaret out to celebrate a milestone birthday, Margaret shared her concerns about getting older and the need for enduring friendships. Like many of us, she had been asking herself, “Do I have any real friends?” “What is a real friend?” “Will I someday be old and friendless?”Determined to design her future, Margaret had been purposefully asking women with whom she felt mutual admiration and connection, “Will you be one of the women I grow old with?” That day, she asked Diane the question.

Diane gave a resounding, “Yes.” Since the idea resonated deeply with Diane, she asked, “Have you considered writing a book with that title?” Thus, the book, “Women I Want to Grow Old With,” emerged.For five years, the authors investigated the topic. They started conversations about lasting female friendships and heard women’s wants, stories, and excitement in expressing the need for girlfriends, now and forever. The ideas mushroomed just like the friendship between the two authors.

A Conversation That “Wants To Be Had”
As Margaret likes to say, “This is a conversation that wants to be had in the world!” The female desire to have women to grow old with is universal. Diane and Margaret are using their blog, website, book, and presentations to encourage even more women to join and expand the Female Friendship Conversation. Come on along!dianemargaret