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“Women I Want to Grow Old With” is a conversation dedicated to women being intentional in causing, sustaining, and growing female friendships throughout our lives!Expanding our circle of deep, intimate friendships safeguards our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Friendships literally sustain and protect us. What a wise and worthwhile investment of time and energy!

Even the best intentions to make and grow friendships are often thwarted by the urgencies of the moment.Major life transitions – a move, new job, separation, divorce, kids returning to school, an empty nest, or the death of a spouse – can find us without the friends we need when we need friends the most!In fact, according to a UCLA study, women friendships can increase overall health by reducing stress, decreasing risk for developing physical impairments, and increasing longevity!

Women need friends when they need them. Not tomorrow, not next week, but today! We don’t just fill that need on demand, like hot water from the tap. We must continually add to our relationship reservoir. Too often, however, we rely on outdated friend-making or friend-keeping techniques and habits from younger years. We then wonder why we’re having trouble expanding our circle of friends.

Here are some ways to get more out of your friendships and help you manage them.

Don’t wait another day to take stock of your female friendships.Use this “Women I Want to Grow Old With” website to implement the steps necessary to ensure you have a safety net of women supporting you when times are good and when all hell breaks loose.In fact, a Harvard study on cancer revealed that people without a close circle of about 10 friends were four times more likely to die from the disease. Create and maintain your friendships now.
We’re not alone, so don’t be alone!Let’s take off our blinders and lean into our feelings and behaviors around friendship. “Women I Want to Grow Old With” fosters the understanding, desire, impetus, and excitement to take actions that allow us to see that female friendships are within our control to create and nurture. Furthermore, women seek out female friendships to confide in and support them.  The hormone oxytocin is responsible for this quest for female companions and reveals many health benefits according to the Seattle Times article on scientific benefits of friendships.

Thus, only by examining how we invest in or detract from the friendships in our lives can we truly reflect on how we want to design a fabulous friendship future!

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