Women I Want to Grow Old With

Women I Want to Grow Old With will encourage you to be intentional about making and keeping female friends. Friends fill unspeakable voids, provide certainty in uncertain times, offer a safeguard of love, and are as important to our well-being as our health and finances. Don’t be caught friendless when you need friends the most!

Coauthors Diane Gage Lofgren and Margaret Bhola’s book with the same name is completed and their literary agent is presenting it to publishers. The book provides insights to help you reach out to new friends, enjoy the friends you have, overcome friendship breakdown, find your fit within a group of friends, and show gratitude to your friends for all the blessings they bring.

About the Authors

Diane Gage Lofgren is a health care marketing leader who has led marketing and communications departments at several large health care providers, currently serving as senior vice president of a large integrated health care system in California. She is the author of eight previous books and scores of magazine articles.

Margaret Bhola specializes in establishing wellness programs and helping health professionals implement nutrition programs in their practices. With an extensive background in business, sales and marketing and human relations, she became a top national sales producer for several large companies and is known for being an effective leader and team coach.

The idea for their book, Women I Want to Grow Old With, sprang from their friendship with each other and a mutual desire to foster their female friendships.