Are You OK?

May 28, 2011

Don’t you love it when you are dealing with an issue, concern or have an upset and a girlfriend asks, “Are you OK?”

I am so appreciative of my female friends when they ask me this question. It assures me that someone is actually interested in how I’m faring. It demonstrates to me that a friend has taken the time to interrupt their own “auto pilot” to focus on me.  The other day I had this experience. At a training, a friend asked me that question and told me I looked really tired. At first, there was a worry that I looked bad, but then I did a quick inventory of my week and realized I was really, really tired, and it physically showed. My friend’s comment was a reminder to me that I needed to slow down and recharge my battery, so to speak, rather than just push on and ignore the apparently blatant signs.

When I ask the question “Are you OK?” I’m always happy I did. Why?  Because I always win in my commitment to friendship no matter what the response.  Just think about it. If I see a certain expression on my friend’s face or a set of mannerisms that I know are foreign to her “normal” expressions or behaviors, that simple question, “Are you OK?” shows that I’m paying attention and I care. Whether her response is “Yes, I’m fine” or “No, things are really hectic,” the friendship is growing to new level.

Where are you proactive in developing your friendships by asking the question, “Are you OK?”

What openings for contribution and genuine friendship have you generated with that simple question?  Or, are there other equally powerful questions you like to ask?

What outcomes have you experienced by asking this innocent and caring question?

We would love to hear your stories.

Thank you in advance.


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