the book Grow Old Together with Courage, Health and Attitude!“Women I Want to Grow Old With” is a thought-provoking, fun read! It’s packed with insights, tips, and stories to motivate and inspire you to value female friendships and take action now to design and secure your friendship future. The book provokes intentionally investing in your friendships, just as you would your health and finances. While it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle eating one’s fruits and vegetables, it’s also equally as important to maintain healthy friendships and relationships.http://www.clevelandclinicwellness.com/mind/stressless/pages/TheHealthBenefitsofFriendship.aspx.

The authors’ passionate, inspiring, and direct tone – punctuated with humor – shows how creating a circle of friends provides a strong safety net, both today and in the future! No woman wants to get caught friendless when she needs friends the most!

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