Celebrate love

February 16, 2013

Valentine’s Day has always been an interesting day for my friends and me. If we are single we like to pretend the day doesn’t affect us. If we are in relationship we will ignore our single friends in an attempt to make them feel less awkward. Its immature, but it always seems to happen. While Valentine’s Day is a “hallmark” holiday, there is a really good thing going on here, and that is the celebration of love. All love, not just love for our boyfriends, or husbands. Let’s make Valentine’s Day a day to celebrate the love we have for our girlfriends. Not just our single girlfriends either.

My best friend and I have always made a Valentine for each other. We fill the cards with love and laughs and they are always a delight to give and receive. More often then not we send the cards late, but we always make sure a card gets to the person by at least the end of February. While I appreciate and enjoy every card from her, I have grown to expect them, and I’m sure she would agree she has done the same. Part of the delight of receiving a card is the element of surprise. There are certain holidays where we assume we’ll get a card, but it is the ones we don’t see coming that have the most impact.

This year I will be making my best friend her card like every other year. (In fact it is already in the mail.) But I am also going to do something a little different. I am going to make one person a card that I have never made a card for before. It will express my LOVE for our friendship. If I could write a card for all my friendships I would, and maybe I will, just not by Valentine’ Day. Valentine’s Day is certainly not my favorite holiday but I will take any excuse to celebrate the love of my girlfriends and the Women I Want to Grow Old With.
It is so great to send and receive cards. So this holiday, and for all the others let us remember our girlfriends and send them a card so they know they are always in our hearts.

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