Creating a GOTCHA! Group

March 22, 2011

What do you and your girlfriends do for fun?  How do you like to get away and find “us” time with girlfriends?

We’ve spent two years gathering stories of how women get together in small and large groups to share and enjoy life.  We like to call these GOTCHA! groups (Grow Old Together with Courage, Health and Attitude).  We’ve talked to California Bay Area women who use their “book club without the book” to make their own beer, hold a séance, and learn the art of breathing to relax.  The Four East Coasters women’s group meets annually for a 72-hour sailing adventure complete with fine food and wine, linen napkins, skinny dipping and time to work through “serious issues.”  And five women from Maine meet twice a month at a church just to talk in a way that you can’t do on a phone call or in the grocery store line.  There is no agenda and one rule:  What is said in the group stays in the group.

Help us give other women ideas for how to have fun with their friends.  Allow them to create a circle of friends who get together in the name of friendship in a way that will support and protect us for a lifetime.  Imagine a future of “friendships by design” now and in the days and weeks and years to come!

We’d like to hear how your group of two or three gathers in the name of friendship.  Share your story here, now. Your message makes a difference to all of us.  Thank you in advance.

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