Day Stuffing: It’s a Friendship Art!

April 5, 2015

by Diane Gage Lofgren

My husband, Matt, calls me a day stuffer. He thinks I over do it a bit. Have plans for my plans he would say.

Truth is, I just like to “do”. I am learning to “be” as well. Meditation is an art I am engaged in and I love practicing yoga. Plus, I’m trying to have some evening and weekend days without plans — which brings its own kind of freedom.

Recently, I had friends from the Bay Area visit me in San Diego. If there was an award for day stuffing, we would have won it.

First Lynn visited from Alameda, the island where I used to live. We started Saturday with a beach cliff walk to breakfast at my favorite outdoor Bohemian cafe. On the way back we took another route and marveled at the eclectic architecture of the homes in Del Mar, the beach town where we now live. We changed and then hit the road to La Jolla, another coastal jewel with its own distinct flair. We met a friend of mine and a friend of hers atop George’s at the Cove with breathtaking views. Four women at lunch atop the world — who couldn’t enjoy? Next on the agenda were massages at a boutique spa, then little more shopping and a movie at home. So there…we had some down time.

Matt, who was out of town visiting family in Florida, would have rolled his blue eyes at Sunday’s agenda. We took it easy in the morning and then went to see Birdman matinee. Next, on to a funky artsy area in Solana Beach to window shop and have lunch and talk about our future plans.

Lynn (r) and I at the Oscar party.

Lynn (r) and I at the Oscar party.

Then the craziness really started when we stopped at our favorite coffee house, did a quick change from jeans to cocktail attire, grabbed a coffee and headed off to my friend’s 50th birthday party. From there we moved on to an Oscar party and then home to finish the show in our sweats.

Crazy? Yes. Fun? You bet. We laughed at ourselves knowing that we had packed it in. But joy filled our souls!

When Sidonie came the next weekend, we got right to it as well, repeating the ocean walk and breakfast outside, this time allowing Matt and Tango, our pooch, to tag along. Those two quickly had their fill for the day, but Sidonie and I were just starting. We went gallery browsing and dined on street tacos for lunch–again sharing from the heart. We shopped for Chili fixings, and Matt generously whipped up a meal for us as we sank into the new season of House of Cards. Sunday, off to a different spa for Sidonie’s birthday and then on to another movie and dinner combo. Whew!

Sidonie (r) and I sharing our own kind of down time

Sidonie (r) and I sharing our own kind of down time

When it comes down to it, it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you do it with. Having two awesome friends who would take time to travel and visit me to share time and conversation brings me gratitude. Having things to do with no real purpose except for sharing the adventure with a friend is my kind of a day.

Here’s to the other women who stuff their days with pure girlfriend joy! Let the craziness begin!

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