Ending the Year with Powerful and Fulfilling Friendships

December 21, 2012

As the current year draws to an end, it’s good to take note of our accomplishments and successes throughout the year. I have enjoyed this practice in business throughout my career and have taken it a step further to include my friendships, new and old.

Being complete with the year has always given me power. When I bring “completion” to my friendships, I find that I am left with appreciation, love and affinity for and with them. The process of completing the year enables us to leave the current year in the past, rather than dragging out upsets and disappointments into the next year.

A starting point in this practice of Completion is to take an inventory of your friends and see where there is any loss of power. For me a loss of power in a friendship is if I notice that I’m not as anxious to see her as much as I usually am. Or if I remember a nagging complaint, unresolved upset or any concern, then I know there is something left to say or do to return myself to full power and affinity in that relationship.

I must say that it takes some courage to address concerns in a relationship but starting out with a spoken commitment to the friendship makes the process go easier. I believe that anything can be worked out inside of open and honest communication. Sometimes that may be confused with blurting out what I see is “the truth” but that almost never turns out well. Looking to see what damage I may have caused to a friend and have not cleaned up is a good starting point.  Asking myself if there is anything to seek forgiveness from or anyone I could forgive opens up a huge opportunity in our friendships.

My goal in engaging in the practice of “Completion” is to arrive at a place of connectedness and peace of mind in my relationships.  There are two useful tools that are always supportive in reaching this goal. They are acknowledgment and appreciation.  Asking myself these simple questions starts the ball rolling.

  • What do I want to acknowledge her for?
  • What do I want to be acknowledged for?
  • What do I appreciate most in our friendship?
  • What do I want to be appreciated for?

Most can agree that we should not take our friendships for granted. When I actively engage in being complete with my friends and present to my appreciation of and for them, the gift of friendship is magical once again.

Please share your practices in completing the current friendship year and ringing in the new!


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