Estrogen, Pick Me Up!

May 13, 2011

It was a tough day at work…the kind you just want to go home and forget.  Yet, I had an 8 pm work conference call that would extend my day.  On my calendar for 5:30 pm was an evite for EBUG – East Bay United Gals, a book club without a book that I joined a few years ago.  I love that club…no membership dues, no book to read, no responsibility even to even show up. Still, I felt tired and frazzled and knew I still wasn’t done for the day.

You know how it is…you want to go to the event, but you don’t know how to fit it all in and not die from the stress.  I hadn’t been to the last few EBUG gatherings, and I had rsvp’d “yes.”  So, out of respect for the brainchild organizer, Kim, and the evening’s hostess, I went.  Besides, it was wine and chocolate tasting—just what my inner therapist knew would soothe my soul.

Wow, am I glad I went!  The minute I walked into that sea of women all nestled in the hostess’ home, eating homemade beef stew and sipping wine while waiting to savor chocolate, I knew I had made the right decision.  I hugged and chatted with my friends and welcomed meeting a few new faces.  The energy instantly buoyed me.

When I expressed to my good friend, Lynn, how worn out I was, she commented, “I knew something was off.” (I guess I was wearing my weariness on my face.) I told her about my day and got just what I needed: empathy and no preaching.  Another woman I had met just once before came over to chat, and we brainstormed about promoting her business.  I liked her ideas, and she liked mine.  When she told me she was reticent to go on camera, I asked why and told her she was beautiful.  She is.  Her ego lifted and her confidence soared.

I ate a salad, picked potatoes out of the stew, and headed right to the chocolate. A headache begged me to skip the wine so I downed lots of water.  I chatted about jewelry with Lynn, fashion with Dodi, and house hunting with Stephanie, who has just relocated to the Bay Area. Some 45 minutes later, as one of the first to leave, I said good-bye and dashed to my car to put on my headset for the last work call of the day.  I took that call with renewed energy.  My mind clearer, my spirits higher – all because I had invested time with a sea of wonderful women!  Thank you, my friends, for caring to gather and for the energy, enthusiasm and estrogen boost you gave me!  I’m so glad I didn’t bug out of EBUG!


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