Fabulous Friends Improve Your Health!

November 28, 2012

Who do you turn to in times of stress, need, and support?  How many friends do you have that you consider to be true, close friends that you could call at any hour of the night?  A recent study by Cornell University in 2011 found that the average American has only two close friends.  Research shows that friendship is extremely important and even beneficial to your health!  Don’t put your friends on the back burner since social isolation is actually harmful to your health.  Here are some negative side effects of being friendless:

  1. Feelings of confidence during times of stress immensely decrease without friends standing by your side.  Having friends during these emotionally painful times stabilize your mood and act as a social buffer.  Friends help your mind stabilize emotions.
  2. Did you know that the mortality rate of people who feel socially isolated is equal to obesity!  Make friends a priority and increase your longevity!
  3. Being friendless also increases your risk for higher blood pressure and heart disease. Help you heart by making friends that will stand by your side at any moment.

Make and maintain friendships by engaging in ritual activities.  Start a routine with your friends whether it be a weekly phone date, a Friday night dinner, or even a monthly night out on the town to get a drink and see a movie!  Girlfriends last a lifetime and extend your life.

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