Feeling Cared For Throughout the Holidays

December 5, 2011

Everyone wants to experience being cared for especially during the “Happy Holiday” season. Taking the time to express your thankfulness for and appreciation of special friendships is so important.

I love the rituals of the holidays and how everyone so eagerly engages in them. Holiday foods, decorations and parties give us permission, so to speak, to celebrate and enjoy one another. Holidays are a time of inclusion. They are a time when we expect to be cared for and to extend special care and attention to others.

Thanksgiving Day begins the season for me. I include a practice of telling those special women in my life just how much they mean to me and how thankful I am to not only have them as friends but to learn from and grow with them for years to come. While I love expressing my thankfulness and appreciation of my girlfriend, what I also relish is that this practice results in my feeling loved and cared for during a time when experiencing these feelings is important to me. It’s definitely a win-win situation!

What do you do to feel cared for during the holiday season? How do you express and receive love at this special time? Thank you for sharing and sparking ideas that we all can enjoy and participate in during these remaining holidays.


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