Friends Supporting You in Your Health in 2013–Happy New You!

January 14, 2013

women doing yogaNew Year’s is the number one season for health resolutions. We are bombarded, not only with our own thoughts of better health but with the media reminding us that health is a number one priority. Invitations to join gyms, hire personal trainers and eat the latest healthy food craze abound. Finding the right support structure for gaining or maintaining good health is a major focus.

I say no one can support you with your health better than women friends. If you want help addressing weight loss, cutting back on things that are unhealthy for you or adding foods that build the body up rather than tear it down, talking to a girlfriend can move the health snowball in the right direction. This is definitely the case for me.

My husband and I moved to the city and high-rise living about eight years ago. We left a community focused on family living and began a new chapter of adventure. One of the things I left behind was a Swim and Racket Club membership where I engaged in a variety of exercise venues and classes. One consequence is that I do not exercise as faithfully as I did in the past. It is important to know that even though there is a full gym in the building where I live, it provides no assurance that I will exercise daily or even a few times a week. Over the past year it became very clear to me that I wasn’t going to exercise consistently left to my own devices. So, like any woman knows, I had to move beyond my own internal dialog and solicit support from my girlfriends. I started my solicitation by openly complaining that I was severely remiss in utilizing the gym in my building no matter how convenient. From some women friends there was the resounding sigh of understanding and sometimes even agreement which prompted lots of justification on my part.  For other women, my complaints yielded many logical and possible solutions which of course I took under advisement. But, with persistent focus on my desire to get healthier through consistent exercise and repeated conversations with girlfriends, it became clear that the only thing able to motivate me sufficiently was to once again attend exercise classes. Past experience confirmed structured exercise classes as a vehicle where other women could and would support me.  With the opening of a new Athletic Club near my condo, I promptly joined and began attending 6:00AM classes. As anticipated, the new female relationships and the inspiring instructors quickly became a catalyst for consistency. As the mornings added up, the struggle to set the alarm for 5:30AM diminished. I’d even find myself waking up before the alarm and looking forward to seeing my new women friends, exchanging a few tired looks and then laughing as we groan through certain muscle building routines.

With six months of success and routine under my belt, my body, ego and women friends afford the structure for health that I have been yearning for. I’m proud of myself as I move forward in my quest for strength and vitality. I’m thankful for my new friends and the fun we bring to something of great value to me—my health!

What will you do to move your health goals forward in 2013? Let’s use this blog media to reach out to our women friends and share your structures for success. Thank you in advance for your generosity and Happy New Year!

Margaretwomen doing yoga

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