Friends to the Rescue

December 27, 2012

Friends to the Rescue

This holiday season was a first! After spending the last 36 years with our family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, this year we celebrated on the 21st of the month to accommodate our children’s holiday travel opportunities. Not being with family on the actual day and eve of Christmas was a strange feeling indeed but my girlfriends came to the rescue. Kim invited my husband and me to join them at their extensive family dinner and gift exchange. Over the past years of raising my children, I’ve included many people in aspects of our holiday celebrations. I was thankful for this practice as it made it easier for me to accept my friend’s invitation. We drove together to Aunt Betsy’s house where we were generously included in the family chatter and preparation. The potluck holiday meal contributed to the buzz as everyone shared their favorite recipes and efforts in preparing them just so. The children and adults alike eyed the dessert table. It was heaped with Christmas pies and cookies.  Everything moved smoothly as plates filled with ham and mashed potatoes, the traditional green bean casseroles and the not so traditional chicken and pork tamales. After the feast, we continued the festivity with a gift exchange that included stealing gifts from each other—but only twice! Spending the holiday with family was a special gift my girlfriend gave to me.

Sometimes a small act of inclusion can change the course of a friendship. I experience this today in my friendship with Kim. A new future of possibility is available to us and for that I am extremely appreciative.

Where have you been able to include a friend and add value to the friendship? What are some acts of thoughtfulness that you’ve extended throughout the year and holidays? Please share these with us so we can bless our relationships with similar kindnesses.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year of friendship to all!


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