Friendship Can Withstand Distance

March 20, 2013

By Guest Blogger Xia Coleman

The other day my friend called me with so much excitement in her voice just to tell me Xia Colemanshe’d been working out consistently for the past week. I was so overjoyed and proud of her I screamed with excitement. I knew how much it meant for her to share her success story with me. Even though it may seem like a small feat to some, it was huge success story for her since she’s had trouble staying motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. Even more importantly, I was glad to hear from her and support her even if it was from a distance.

I haven’t seen my friend in over two months because I’ve spent the past year and half away from home after I moved from Ohio to Texas to pursue my master’s degree in mass communications. I then went on to a four month long internship in Columbia, SC, and now to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue career opportunities. Because of my hectic work and school load, I have not been able to travel back home as much as I would like to. Often times when people move or travel a lot, they find it difficult to maintain previous relationships, but I’ve learned how to stay connected with my girlfriends.

Xia and her friends!

Xia and her friends!

When my friend called me to tell me about her success with exercising, I knew it was more about keeping me abreast about what’s going on in her life. If I were in the same city as her, I would have been there to physically encourage her with a hug or high five, but since I’m not a simple phone call helps to decrease the distance. Even if we spend hours talking on the phone about nothing, she knows I’m there for her, and I know she’s there for me. We often send texts messages to one another just to say, “Good morning! Have a great day,” and we frequently setup Skype or Facetime dates with one another, and send Facebook or Twitter messages. Of course these gestures do not replace the girls’ nights out we used to have, but it makes it easier to continue to be a part of each other’s lives.

As the saying goes: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I rarely get to see my friends, but when I do it feels as if our friendship never experienced 2,000+ miles of distance. I know it’s because of those times we spent sharing life’s experiences with each other, supporting each other through our achievements that distance doesn’t deter us. In my opinion, a friendship that can withstand distance signifies a healthy relationship. To me it means that no matter where I am and what I may be doing, I always have someone in my corner who loves and supports me. I’m thankful for my girlfriends, after all God didn’t put us on this Earth to enjoy its beauty alone.




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