Friendships Are a Healthy Choice!

February 28, 2011

Friends do more than make us feel good; they are actually good for our health.  And that’s not just hyperbole.

Research proves that friends are good for our well-being.  A landmark UCLA study showed that our bodies produce more of the hormone, oxytocin, which reduces stress and creates calm, when we share our lives with girlfriends.

Plus, a Harvard Medical School Nurses’ Health Study revealed that the more friends we have, the less likely we are to develop health issues and the more easily we recover after the death of a partner.

And, we are 26 percent less likely to develop dementia, according to a Kaiser Permanente Study in the American Journal of Public Health.  All the more reason to make and keep our girlfriends.

Most women spend time investing in their financial future.  If we put that same level of attention into investing in our female friends, we’ll protect ourselves in a different but equally powerful way.

Even if today our life is filled with family, work, and pastimes, tomorrow may be suddenly different.  We must make the time for friends or face being alone when/if we lose a spouse/partner, leave a job, move, face an empty nest or realize that for one reason or another we’re just plain lonely.  Doesn’t our health depend on it?

Tell us what girlfriends have added to your life?  We want to hear your story!||

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