Girls’ Trips: Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Friendship and Your Soul

April 17, 2013

As busy women, we all cherish when we get to go on vacation. Vacations are the perfect breakaway from our 9-5 lifestyle, our office desk, and our hectic schedule. Sometimes we take vacations with our families, or go on romantic honeymoons with a partner. Often we forget about the importance to take vacation with our girlfriends – we forget about the precious, “girls’ trip!”

Girls’ trips have been made popular by movies such as Sex and the City, but there is some real revitalizing to be had when we commit to taking these get-away trips with just our friends. A trip away with your girlfriends requires some planning, but every effort should be made to create some lasting memories to remember when you’re back in your routine.

First propose the idea of a girls’ trip to your friends. It may be your work girlfriends, your friends from home, just your one best friend, or maybe a new group of friends from your class or a new women’s group. Proposing the idea will get everyone to start thinking about their schedules and day dreaming about the chance to go.

After proposing the idea, a place needs to be decided on. The destination could be far and outrageous, like a trip to Europe. Or the destination could be close to home, just a couple of towns over. It’s not the importance of the place but the importance of taking the trip and making sure everyone attends. The proximity of the place to everyone is also ideal to keep in mind. Everyone should be required to travel the same distance to get to the place. Therefore everyone has an equal chance to guarantee their attendance.

After choosing the place, the most difficult decision needs to be made – when will this trip happen? Brainstorm a few dates in the future that could work for everyone.

Once settled on a date everyone has to promise to do everything they can to make sure they attend. Obviously if something serious gets in the way, they are exempt but everything else (work, school, children, husband) can wait.

After promising to make the trip happen, the rest of the work is easy. Schedule how to get there, lodging plans, and all the other fun stuff to happen on the vacation! After all the planning is done, all that is left to do is get excited, and get-away!

Girl’s trips are important and should be weaved in throughout our entire life. It is especially important for those women you do not see very often. Girls’ trips can help these friendships remain strong and healthy.

My last girls’ trip was with my high school best friends and I. We planned the trip one year in advance to go to Vegas once we were all 21. Not all of us could make it for various reasons, but we managed to rally a good group of girls. We spent most of the trip lounging in the hotel, or in the pool, catching up. We had little interest to go to the clubs, gamble, or really drink all that much since it did not give us enough opportunity to talk. A Vegas trip for some groups of girlfriends could be fun, but next time my friends and I are thinking something a little more mellow.

Where do you want to get away to? Call your girlfriends and make a commitment to go! And, remember, share the wealth of the planning if you can. Someone can call the hotel, other the airlines or train, someone else can make the reservations for the spa or zipline. Don’t keep score…the most important thing is your commitment to one another. Each of you will find your own way to contribute to the planning and the memories. Enjoy!

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