Guest Blog: Multi-tasking Friendships

July 25, 2011
Women I Want to Grow Old With welcomes our first guest blogger, Paula Jhung (see bio below).  Paula will share insights on three friendship groups she belongs to and how each enriches her life in different ways.  Here’s her first of three entries.  Enjoy!

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Part 1 of 3: Weekend Walkers

Like my mom before me, family comes first. But unlike Mom, who was too shy and time-strapped to cultivate the friends who could have filled her empty nest, friendship is my driving force. Since it’s a force that takes time and tending, I’ve managed, with a little help from my friends, to combine the people I love with the activities I need. Together, they keep body, brain, and soul in sync.

The first group is the “Weekend Walkers,” six women who hike the trails that weave through our horsey little town.  We start out at a trot as we  discuss the week’s events, then slow to a canter as we  become sounding boards for such conundrums as, “What to do about Mom?” and “Does this look like skin cancer?”  After an hour of aerobic conversation, we rein in at our mid-trail restaurant, where, fueled by food and coffee, we move to the fun stuff: upcoming movies, current reads, and hot new restaurants. This is my culture club and my group therapy — friends who can walk, talk, listen, and share.

Paula Jhung is the author of  Cleaning and the Meaning of   Life, How to Avoid Housework, and Guests Without Grief.  She has written articles for publications such as Family Circle,Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan, House Beautiful, Home,  Bridal Guide, Woman’s World, Boston Herald, Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. Paula has appeared on HGTV, Bloomberg News Radio, Today in New York, and a gazillion other TV and radio shows across the U.S. and Canada.     


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