Guest Blog: The Power of Book-Loving Friends

August 1, 2011

Paula Jhung shares insights about a second group of  female friends who have helped to shape her life and bring her beloved connections in her series of three guest blogs:

The second group of women that feeds my mind and spirit is “The Readers” who form our book club. The 10 of us take turns choosing the book for the month ahead, then gather to discus and dissect it.

I love these women for their quiet introspection, but I seldom love their choices.  I gravitate to non-fiction and have long viewed contemporary fiction and certain other genres as a waste of time. However,  these friends, who have put up with my literary nit-picking for far too long, have gradually opened me to fiction and other genres that have, at times, consumed and delighted me.  The power of book loving friends can be awesome.

Many of the women we interviewed for Women I Want to Grow Old With love their book clubs.  If you belong to a book club or another group of women that meets regularly, please share what that group of friends adds to your life!


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