Happy New Friendship Year!

January 1, 2014

By Diane Gage Lofgren & Margaret Bhola

As the New Year approaches, what a perfect time to reflect on the friendships you cultivated and nourished in 2013. Do any significant friendship moments stand out? What friend was there for you when you needed her the most? Any hilarious memories? Fun Facebook photos? New rituals created that you plan to perpetuate for years to come?

Happy 2014And as you anticipate 2014, what commitments do you want to make to yourself and the women in your friendship circle? Is there someone you want to call, text, email? Connect with on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Anyone you want to reach out to ask if the two of you can talk and start your relationship anew? Honest open conversation enveloped in love can truly set our hearts and minds free.

What about your friendships do you not want to repeat in the new year? Is there an old way of behaving and thinking you want to completely annihilate? Sometimes our passion to be close to someone can reveal behaviors we would prefer to never repeat. It could be envy, manipulation, unrealistic expectations, or perhaps not speaking up when we really should have.

The beauty about most friendships is their pliability. Women, as a whole, are pretty darn forgiving. An honest heart and authentic blame-free conversations (remember to speak in “I” messages) about unmet expectations or needs goes a really long way. Women want soul connections and when we can let our heart lead the way, and not our ego, we can forgive, forget and renew — if we are intentional about letting the past stay in the past.

So happy new friendship year! Embrace fresh starts. Listen to your deep desire to commit to your friendship future — to be sure you have women in your life to Grow Old Together With Courage, Health and Attitude. GOTCHA!

We are fortunate to have you as part of our intentional friendship conversation. We hope you’ll ring in 2014 with a commitment to growing your circle of intention holders — those women who have your best interests in mind and vice versa!

Enjoy your friends in 2014!

Diane & Margaret

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