If Your Life Fell Apart Today, Who Would You Call?

March 12, 2011

What a privilege to speak this week to almost 100 women about our journey to create and sustain female friendships for a lifetime at the East Bay Women’s Conference in San Ramon, California.  The women in the audience enthusiastically interacted with us and candidly shared their feelings about our theme, Women I Want to Grow Old With.

We asked the participants the poignant question, “If all hell broke loose in your life, who are the three female friends you would call?”  To ground the question in a reality, we suggested, “If you think you have the friends you need, think again!” This allowed the audience to engage in a lively and impactful conversation. The women laughed spontaneously and asked sincere questions that expressed concerns and fears about possibly not having the friends they need when they need them.  The openness and honesty were delicious!

How would you answer the question, “If all hell broke loose in your life, who are three female friends would you call?” Stating how life really is and then looking at what we really want  allows us to grow and live our life by design, not convenience. Since the two of us asked each other this question about three years ago, our journey to help women be intentional female friendships has been miraculous.

Please share your candid response, your fears and your hopes with all of us. This is a fabulous forum, and we very much want to hear from you!

Thank you in advance for your responses and for sharing our blog with your friends and family.

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