Grow Old Together with Courage, Health, and Attitude!

Gage Lofgren, Diane and Margaret Bhola
CreateSpace (188 pp.)
$11.99 paperback, $8.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1467917445; October 19, 2012

In their first collaboration, Gage Lofgren (Change Your Child’s Behavior by Changing Yours, 1996) and debut author Bhola make a case for strong female friendships.

Partly a tribute to their own friendship and partly a how-to guide, Gage Lofgren and Bhola thoroughly examine the ways in which women can benefit from female friendships. The authors do so in this simply structured, casually informative book that cites results found by researchers, such as the landmark UCLA study that revealed women release oxytocin—a
chemical important to combating stress—when hanging out with their friends.

The authors encourage women to create a solid foundation of female friends on which they can rely and with whom they want to grow old. The acronym and mantra of sorts GOTCHA—Growing Old Together with Courage, Health and Attitude—pops up in frequent footnotes as
“GOTCHA! Moments” or quick tips on how to have and be a better friend. Most importantly, the book rewrites the very definition of friendship by debunking certain myths and pre-existing beliefs that often limit relationships.

The authors, whose likability is palpable, go on to offer helpful advice to women readers on how to create and maintain such a friendship, even in middle age. With the abundance of self-help titles currently being targeted toward women who hope to find, foster or fix romantic relationships, it’s refreshing to see Gage Lofgren and Bhola underscore an oft-overlooked but vital part of a woman’s life. Both authors separately fell upon hard times without having a friend to call, so they’re doing readers a service by encouraging them to find a group of friends before they find themselves in a similar situation.

A compassionate, helpful book about the power of female friendships.
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