Let’s Talk Out Loud About Friendship

July 9, 2011

Since fifth grade, I’ve had the great fortune of being   best of friends with Leslie.  It’s an honor and a privilege to care about someone for so long…to watch our lives unfold with unwavering support.  A forever friend understands the when’s and why’s of your life without any ‘splaining.  This deep “knowing” provides a shorthand that allows us to be part of each other’s lives in a profound way.

After I interviewed Leslie for our book, “Women I Want to Grow Old With,” she and I began thinking about our enduring relationship.  We called and emailed about why we care so much for and about each other.  We said things we’ve always thought but perhaps never expressed.

It’s this “talk out loud about friendship” that acknowledges our relationships in a whole new way. It’s part of our belief as the authors of this blog that we need to overtly invite our friends to be women we want to grow old with. W e encourage you to specifically ask your friend(s) to “grow old together with courage, health and attitude”—what we call GOTCHA!

Who are your GOTCHA! friends and why?


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