Making Time for Friends – The Almost Impossible

May 5, 2013

By Amanda Scarborough

Life can be insane, crazy and outrageously busy sometimes. As my final semester at San Francisco State comes to a close, it seems that I barely have time to breathe let alone enjoy the company of my friends. Over the past four months I have been juggling two internships, a full load of classes and working as a part-time bookkeeper for three small companies. If you can imagine, as I am sure you can, it has been quite difficult trying to fit in social time. In fact, when I do have a moment free I usually want to go to the gym, get my hair cut or my nails done. As is friend time, me time seems to be in short supply.
The truth is however, I have had to force myself to make the time. Friendships are extremely important to me. I cherish the advice, guidance and support of my friends and thus it is important for me to maintain those relationships. And there are a few different ways in which I have managed to do so.
The first way I have managed to squeeze in a little social time is to set a weekly date with my roommate and best friend. She more than anyone understands the lack of free time as she is in the same situation I am. However, we made a pact to go out to dinner every Thursday night. No matter what we needed to get done during the week we have dedicated at least one evening to some girl time. At first it almost seemed daunting to try to commit to dinner one evening a week, but as time went on I found I looked forward to Thursday nights. We use the time to catch up on what has happened throughout the week because although we share a house, most often it feels as though we hardly see each other.
The second way in which I make time for friends is actually an idea I borrowed from Diane and Margaret, the coauthors of Women I Want To Grow Old With. When I do have a second to get my nails done or go to the gym I invite a friend. It is a simple gesture and something I had planned already. I have found that it is much easier to find the time when you actively look for it. Time with your friends does not have to be a big elaborate event; a simple walk through the park will do nicely.
So next time you find yourself running an errand, try reaching out to a friend. They can make the errand far more enjoyable. In this case a little effort goes a long way.

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