Ready to Celebrate — Just Let Your Friends Know!

February 23, 2014

by Diane Gage Lofgren

I am so proud of my friend, Char! After her daughter returned to college from the holiday break, Char realized that this would be the first birthday she would celebrate without her immediate family. Instead of waiting and wondering if anyone would remember her special day and ask her to do something, Char took care of herself and in the process let her friends know how important they are to her.

Diane, Char, Lynn  & Sidonie

Diane, Char, Lynn
& Sidonie

Two weeks before her special day, Char sent Lynn, Sidonie and me an email to see if we could meet for dinner or brunch to recognize her birthday. It wasn’t a major milestone birthday, but that didn’t matter. We all replied with a resounding yes! And although when the date was selected, I could not make the brunch because of travel plans, the three friends went ahead and celebrated on Char’s birthday, and I followed up with dinner a week later. Two times to recognize all the wonderful gifts Char gives to the world!

I am sure others celebrated with Charlotte as well, but being asked to help her ring in a new year, made me happy. Not only was I able to give time to Char, by asking me to join in the fun, she made me feel valued as a friend.
To make me even more in awe of her, Char sent me a note the morning of her birthday weekend that she had treated herself to a day-spa and was having lunch on the veranda with a beautiful vista in her view. Way to go!! How often do we not do something alone because we think we need someone else to go along to truly enjoy the experience? While spending time with friends is key to most women’s happiness, so is giving ourself the time and attention we need just to be. Char found the perfect blend of alone and together time. She gave herself two presents that birthday that were both meaningful and restorative.

So, the next time, you want to acknowledge a special day in your life, let your friends know. They will definitely want to be there for you and will appreciate being asked. Celebrating life together is part of what intentional female friendship is all about!

And then, follow Char’s lead and do something special just for you. You deserve your undivided attention.

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