Share a Virtual Glass of Wine

November 5, 2012

How many of your friends live farther than the typical twenty-minute drive away?  Do you struggle to find the time to see them or meet up with them due to the distance?  What do you do to stay in touch and maintain your relationship you spent so much time establishing? Creating and maintaining relationships with your girlfriends must be intentional.  You must do your part to continue the friendship.  Don’t lose a friend due to the distance.

Here are some tips women have shared with us which can be found in our book “Women I Want to Grow Old With”.  These tips are called GOTCHA! moments that encourage ways women can Grow Old Together With Courage, Health, and Attitude: GOTCHA!

  1. Set a time via email or text to have a glass of wine together – virtually. Then sip and chat just like you would if your friend were next to you.
  2. Dream about a getaway together. Send Internet links to places the two of you can visit. Set a time to talk about it, and make plans!
  3. Enjoy a virtual a walk and talk on your cell phones. Keep each other company, and share the interesting you’re seeing in your neck of the woods.
  4. Start a chain letter by mail or email. Add just a sentence or several paragraphs each time you get it. After a year, look back at your rantings, ravings, and adventures.
  5. Play a rousing game of Scrabble online. Perhaps include a few friends in this virtual gathering.
  6.  Send postcards to let your friend know you’re thinking of her. When you visit someplace you know she’d love, suggest you go back there together.

Have you tried any of these experiences before? We’d love to hear how you maintain a long distance relationship with your girlfriends and how you spend your time keeping in touch with them!  Comment below!

For more information on the importance of having girlfriends in your life and ways to spend time together, check out our book “Women I Want to Grow Old With” now available at

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