Sisters Are Friends!

April 18, 2011

I’ve got two wonderful sisters.  Blood friends you could call them.  We’re as close as can be even though we live in three different cities. Our relationships with each other are deep and meaningful, yet not identical.  Both fill me up and bless my life.  They are my always, forever and no-matter-what friends!

My sister Kathy, three years older, has a huge family—three grown sons and 13 grandkids.  She still takes time to call me from a jewelry trade show to say she saw my son’s posting on Facebook about something good that happened in his life.  She checks in on her way to her from charity board meetings and the jewelry store she’s owned for more than 30 years.  I see her when I’m in San Diego and have spent most holidays celebrating at her home with her beautiful brood.

Recently, Kathy bravely dove through the sky for a big birthday, and the entire family showed up to cheer her on—grandbabies and all.  She is gutsy, strong and determined.  She’s been a rudder in my life, helping me navigate in sudden and persistent storms.  I love her values, her sense of humor, and the fact that she has supported my differences.  She knows who she is, where she’s going, and she helps me find my way as well.

My sister Karen, six years younger, is the mother of two wonderful sons.  Always close, we bonded like never before when I was suddenly single again and she lost her husband to cancer.  Alone, we began a ritual that continues some 8 years later of talking just about every single morning on our way to work, even though we are both happily married again.  She calls me to keep her company when she’s out walking solo, and I call her to hear her voice when going to and fro.

Karen and I are so alike that I often see—even feel—her when I make certain expressions or gestures.  Our voices are identical. When she rants and raves (oh yes you do!), I hear myself.  We’re a bit fastidious about our homes and we’re fierce mother bears about our sons at times (oh admit it, we are).  That’s why we’re so close as sisters and what makes us such tight friends.  We lend a listening ear.  We calm each other down.  We’re each other’s release valve, supporter and consoler, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  What I say to her stays in the vault.  For her sense of humor, her understanding, and the fact that she cares so much about the nuances of my life, I am grateful.

I believe sisters can be friends of the very best kind!  I feel so blessed by the love and support Kathy and Karen bring me.  And through them, my parents who have passed on, live on!

Are you fortunate to have sisters as friends?  If so, share your story with us.  We want to be inspired by you!


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