Speaking About Friendship…Connecting Hearts and Souls

December 15, 2014

By Margaret Bhola

Being asked to be a guest speaker at women’s events is a great honor and so fulfilling. In the last few months, I have spoken on intentional female friendship at a number of wonderful women’s events in several states. For the Wild Boomer Women in Phoenix, Arizona, I had the pleasure of being the kick-off speaker to rev up a conversation about the value of being connected with other women. The response was overwhelming and opportunities to support women even more are opening up!

Margaret presenting at Wild Boomer Women

Margaret presenting at Wild Boomer Women

At the JVS, Women Mentoring Women Fund Raiser, it was so evident that women need women – and the positive, motivating energy they create in each others’ lives. This was oh-so evident as the audience paused to take inventory of the state of their friendships. When I asked the women who they would call if their lives feel apart today, many knew exactly who was on their speed dial. Others had to think. Perhaps they had let some important relationships wane. Or maybe they had lost touch with a close friend because of life circumstances.

What is oh-so-clear whenever we talk about Women I Want to Grow Old With is that women want female connection. They want to join forces with other women to support a cause, to stand for a change, or help others get ahead or get beyond a barrier. Some women talked about traveling together – whether or not they had spouses who could or would travel with them. There is nothing as delicious as a girls’ get-away, be it an escape for a weekend or a few weeks.

Photos courtesy of: Frank A. Palmeri Palmeri Creative

Photos courtesy of: Frank A. Palmeri
Palmeri Creative

The women’s groups who ask my co-author Diane Lofgren and I to speak are often in the “business” of helping women grow their contacts, lean on each other, develop or expand a skill, support a cause, and watch out for each other’s health, wealth and well-being. There’s nothing quite like learning from another woman who has faced what you have and somehow gotten over or around obstacles that you face.( have faced.) It’s motivating, inspiring, and reaffirming to know that someone like me did something I want to do and succeeded!

One woman I spoke with after my talk said that she was in the midst of a divorce and wanted the support and companionship of other women. The event she attended opened her eyes to new possibilities, gave her the chance to meet new friends and ways to include existing friendships in her current circumstances.

If you have an upcoming women’s event, please consider our topic of Intentional Female Friendship. The women you invite will thank you for reminding them how precious it is to be able to call each other friend.

To book a speaking engagement email us at: womeniwanttogrowoldwith@gmail.com

Here’s to your inspiring and fulfilling friendship future!

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