Surround Yourself with Friends and Reap Oxytocin Health Benefits!

November 19, 2012

What does the brain chemical oxytocin have to do with the health benefits of friendship? Recently, scientists discovered that interacting with others, whether seeing your girlfriend or hugging her, can stimulate our brain to release this powerful hormone, according to George Dvorksy, a bioethicist and contributing editor to When it does, positive feelings and attitudes override negative thoughts or issues and social fears and anxiety fade. Plus, it increases self-esteem and optimistic feelings!

Wow! Surrounding yourself with girlfriends is a great way to awash yourself with positive energy. In fact, also known as a trust hormone, oxytocin lets you break through social anxieties and communicate with girlfriends in a more comfortable way.

Other health benefits of Oxytocin include:

  1. Healing Wounds
  2. Experiencing Child Birth
  3. Alleviating Stress
  4. Losing Weight
  5. Reducing Anxiety

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So, gather up your girlfriends and reap the benefits of Oxytocin! It’s good for your health and it all it costs is your time and good intentions!


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