Thank God Jessica’s Across the Hall!

April 6, 2011

My friends at work keep me sane. That’s why I’m glad that Jessica sits right across the hall from me. Jessica is both book and street smart. She’s funny and self-effacing.  She gets work done and has fun doing it.  She’s exactly the kind of woman I want to grow old with at work – and after work!

I can walk out of my office to come up for air after a call or a meeting, give Jessica that look, and she immediately bursts into knowing laughter. Teasing each other releases the stress. I know she’s in my corner. She’ll fill me in, catch me up, and watch out for me.

We can go out to lunch and move back and forth from work to personal topics with ease.  I love watching her posts on Facebook and getting glimpses into the personal side of her.

My best Jessica moment to date came when she and a few others stayed late one night after a work party I hosted at my place. Communication geeks the lot of us, we got silly over some strange grammar question I posed. It lasted for longer than any of us imagined and none of us wanted the laughter to end, so we kept egging each other on … Jessica serving as a ring leader. It was one of the most hysterical nights of my life.

Though we don’t get together after work or on weekends, chances are we will once I’m no longer the boss at work. She’s a friend at work who will be a friend for life.  Thank God Jessica’s across the hall!

What do your friends at work do for you? How do they lighten your load? Please share your stories.


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