Thanksgiving Gratitude to Our Friends

November 28, 2013

By Dane Gage Lofgren & Margaret Bhola

It’s that wonderful time of year when Americans pause to count their blessings. Among ours, we count you…the many women who have joined our conversation about the many benefits of intentional female friendship.

ThanksgivingOur thanks to the women’s organizations who have invited us to speak this year. We have met new friends and heard wonderful stories of women supporting women with unstoppable friendships. We’ve also learned that women love to share “good news” and that the conversation for “GOTCHA — Grow Old Together with Courage Health and Attitude” is worth spreading to other women’s organizations.

We’ve loved the accounts of women who, after reading our book or blog or hearing us speak, have been motivated to take steps to reach out more, be more available, and proactively enliven their friendships. They have delighted in doing something out of their ordinary – having a slumber party, stowing away on a retreat, attending a book reading, or pulling out a board game!

Watermark, a Bay Area community of women leaders across multiple industries, asked Diane to be part of a fireside chat with Watermark CEO Marilyn Nagel. They discussed the importance of professional women with busy lives and careers carving out time to make connecting with friends a priority and avoiding the excuse, “I just don’t have time.”

Recently, after hearing us speak at the National Charity League Acalanes Chapter in Northern California, a member shared how she and her girlfriend frequently don their phone headsets to get together virtually to clean their respective houses or organize their closets. As they muse about life with someone who just “gets” them, their work gets done almost effortlessly. They come away filled with that stress-reducing friendship hormone, Oxytocin, flooding their bodies and sisterly love filling their hearts.

A young entrepreneur, who attended a Women I Want to Grow Old With presentation for a chapter of National Association of Women Business Owners, wrote that she got inspired to touch base with girlfriends who she had “meant” to reach out. She resonated with the idea of investing in these vital relationships with the same level of attention we give to our health and finances.

Margaret’s workshop with the Southern California Women’s Health Conference in Pasadena, CA, resulted in women seeing the value of intentional female friendship for their personal health and as a means of preventing stress and the disease that results. Many physicians and health care professionals are inviting us to speak with their special-interest groups, and we are excited to touch these arenas with the many benefits of intentional female friendship.

For us, perhaps one of the biggest blessing this season of Thanksgiving offers is the partnership we enjoy with each of you as, together, we move this vital concept into the hearts of women around the world. Yes, your excitement and action is impacting the lives of women at a global level. Thank you for the difference you make, not just in your own lives but in the lives of women everywhere!

If Women I Want to Grow Old With has inspired you to reconnect, reach out, or renew your commitment to seek out new friends, let us know. We look forward to hearing your stories of Girlfriend Gratefulness this Thanksgiving!

Thank you for your support, encouragement and friendship!

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