The 24-Hour Rule

August 5, 2013

It has been almost a year to the day since my sister, Jill, lost her battle with breast cancer. One whole year of living without my sweetest, closest friend. Over this time, I have reflected on what wonderful sisterly love is made of. Some of my reflections I want to share with you.

Sally (l) and her sister, Jill

Sally (l) and her sister, Jill

Growing up, we always had dog friends. Jill knew my love for them and one of our last Christmas’ together, she surprised me with a brown furry ball of licks. My heart melted. She always had an uncanny way of reading my heart and my mind.

One of my fondest memories was going thru her clothes. It was about three years into her cancer and Jill rested most of the time. I fixed up a special bed for her in her closet. We spent most of the day pulling out garments and sharing the stories behind them. We laughed and cried. I found out more about her life in that 24-hour period than many years put together. I discovered that she was a champion, a world class equestrian, an amazing mother, and a great friend to so many.

She had the same two best friends throughout her life, Kris and Carin. At the “Celebration of her Life” event that Kris, Carin, and I hosted, someone gave us each an angel. I keep mine on a shelf in my kitchen. Jill gave me so many priceless gifts and two of the very best were those two angel friends, Carin and Kris . . . now mine for the rest of my life.

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