The Gift of a Conversation About Female Friendship Opens Hearts

February 24, 2013

By Guest Blogger Hallie Hart

This past holiday season I was somewhat in a quandary about what to do that would be special, different and appreciated by my clients. I am a Financial Advisor and Planner. By that I mean I have the privilege of serving and becoming intimately knowing in my clients lives. A large segment of my clients are women who are successful, independent thinkers, and focused.

Hallie Hart

Hallie Hart

Over the years, I have developed a routine of inviting clients and their friends to join me on excursions to the wine country, theater, dinner, or some other activity that gets people together. I found that everyone really enjoys these events, and they look forward to them – not for the event, but for the community that is being formed. In fact, several people kindly remind me when I haven’t hosted one in a little while with, “Isn’t it time for a get together?” “When are we doing that again?!”

With this in mind, this past holiday season I gave a copy of Women I Want to Grow Old With to several of my clients. One person, in particular, had never attended a single gathering. So when I knew I would be seeing her, I wrapped up the book and after our meeting concluded, I handed it to her. I told her that I thought she might like to read it and hoped she would enjoy it as much as I did. I told her that many of my clients find that between family and a hectic professional schedule, they lose the opportunity to connect with other women as friends. I explained that the book is about developing consciousness around building friendships with intention.

I really didn’t expect her to say much more than thank you. What occurred next surprised me and warmed my heart. She sat back, a little misty eyed, and then she smiled. The dialogue that came after that moment was truly heartwarming – an open, honest discussion about her feelings and her concerns for her future. The simple act of the gift of the book with a very simple explanation completely changed the dynamic of our relationship, for the better!

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