We All Need Cheerleaders

April 22, 2011

Who Doesn’t Love a Cheerleader?

We all need cheerleaders in our life. They’re the people that sincerely support and encourage our dreams. They see us bigger than we see ourselves They express the brightest side of what’s possible in our ideas.

One of my biggest cheerleaders is a friend that has been there for me since I was a young adult. Always in my corner, she found the brilliance in everything I said. Her favorite expression was to remind me of how “brilliant” I am, and that no matter what the issue, circumstance or situation, I would work it out successfully. I often would argue that it truly wasn’t the case – that I really didn’t know what to do; that if I was so brilliant, how did I end up in this mess? Regardless of my argument, the response was always the same.

“Ah, you are brilliant. It will all work out.”

When my friend died several years ago, I found myself so sad to have lost her. Later, I realized that a huge part of my sadness was that I had lost my champion, the one who was always there in my corner to cheer me on.

I admit that my fears and over protectiveness often has me focusing on what’s missing or won’t work. When I remember my friend, I become the cheerleader for others. This is a testimony to the huge impact we can have on each other and the importance of developing strong and intentional friendships.

Where do you see yourself as the cheerleader in your friendships? Who is there to acknowledge you and cheer you on to greater things?

We hope you share with us so we can create a robust dialogue that makes a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others.


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