We Get to Choose our Girlfriends!

December 19, 2011

Guest Blog by Alexis Haralambous

Throughout our lives, we often question why our family is who they are. My answer to that is simple – we may not get to choose our family, but we are given the opportunity to choose our friends! Growing up in a Greek household, I realized this gift very early on.

Alexis (third from left) and Her Girlfriends!

The greatest thing about choosing our friends is that they come in all different shapes and sizes! It does not matter if someone has been in your life for days or years, what matters is that they are there no matter what.

I have a new found appreciation for my girlfriends after going through a breakup recently. I mean, where did everyone go while I was spending all my time focusing on being the perfect girlfriend? It’s amazing how quickly you notice your lack of effort in your friendships when the other relationship is no more. After rounding everyone up again, I saw that anything is possible with the right group of girlfriends! Who else can we tell our whole lives to, not be judged, and receive comfort that the same time?

As women we often feel like it is a luxury to go out with our friends. I say it needs to become a necessity! They are a big part of our sanity, our happiness, and most importantly our heart! Time is not something that we have, it is something we make — so never become too busy for your girlfriends!

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