Will You Be a Woman I Can Grow Old With?

March 8, 2011

We’re delighted to have signed a contract with Literary Agent Terrie Wolf to represent Women I Want to Grow Old With, a book we’ve been writing for more than two years.  Our passion is to encourage women to be intentional about making and keeping friends throughout their lives.  This blog is designed to call women to take notice of and expand their circle of friends.

Our journey on this quest began when Diane took Margaret out to lunch to celebrate Margaret’s milestone birthday.  Birthdays often prompt us to take stock.  This birthday had caused Margaret to think about how and with whom she wanted to spend the ensuing decades of her life.  She began asking herself tough questions that some of us may have asked ourselves:  “Do I have any real friends?”  “What is a real friend anyway?”  She started worrying if someday she could be old and friendless.

“I knew I wanted the kind of friends who were committed to being with me, whether I was in the same trench with them or not,” says Margaret, a health and disease prevention advocate and consultant.  “I started purposefully asking women I knew to join me for coffee.  If in our conversations, I noticed a moment of mutual admiration and connection, I would ask them pointblank, ‘Will you be one of the women I grow old with?’”

When Margaret asked Diane that question, Diane said of course and then added, “That needs to be a book!”

As a published author and marketing communications leader, Diane saw the power and meaning in that question.  Plus friends are critically important to Diane.  She’s gone out of her way to maintain friendships even if she’s moved away – and then moved back!  She saw her younger sister, Karen,  lose her husband when she was only 43 and how critical a few close friends were to help her fill the gaping void.  And she witnessed her mother lose her father after 60 years of marriage and have virtually no friends left.  Diane believes that her mother died of a broken heart…something that having a few close and supportive friends couldn’t completely mend but absolutely could have helped.  The story of trying to make friends at 80 is the topic for another blog.

Our book and our blog are devoted to women of all ages who want to have friends for life!  Are you a woman who wants to add life to your years . . . and years to your life?  If so, join us!  Share your insights and stories about the value your friends bring you.  Tell us the crazy, fun, or poignant things you and your friends do to stay connected and supportive.  Make us laugh.  Allow us to cry.  Help us to see that woman-to-woman bonds are critically important to our health and happiness!

Share this blog with a few of your friends and tell then how much you care for them when you send the link!

We look forward to sharing more and, of course, to finding the right publisher to put our book in your hands.  Until then, we’ll blog with the hope that you’ll join the conversation about Women I Want to Grow Old With!

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