Will You Have the Friends You Need When You Need Friends the Most?

February 26, 2011

Most women desperately need female friendships, but we get so busy with the rest of our lives that it’s easy to shuffle finding and maintaining girlfriends to the bottom of the list.  Yet, we need this safety net of girlfriends to help us more fully enjoy and make sense of the rest of our lives!

Who doesn’t fear being alone or lonely?  Just when we think it will never happen to us, it might.  It could be any one of a number of things that causes a cataclysmic change in our life.  A move, divorce, job loss, retirement, empty nest or loss of a spouse.  When we have a cadre of friends to call upon, we somehow can find our balance.  Their support and understanding are as important to our well-being as our health and finances.

If you’re thinking, “Oh I have friends, I don’t need to worry,” be honest.  Aren’t most of us on autopilot when it comes to friends?  When’s the last time we took deliberate action to secure our relationships or upgrade our friend-making skills?

Because we can’t fabricate friends on demand, we need to continually think about nourishing our friends and making new friends.  That way, our friends will be there for us at those critical times or life-changing events when we long for support, perspective, comfort, consolation or someone to help us  just get outside of our head and go do something fun and maybe even a little crazy!

When’s the last time you made a new friend?  How did it go?  What did you do to break the ice?  Have you let a new friendship slip by?  Next time, what would you do differently?

We want to know your thinking and answers to these questions.  One thing we’ve repeatedly seen is that women have a huge commitment to contributing to their immediate friendship circles and beyond.  This blog offers the opportunity to not only think about friendships and their importance but also to share your experiences and insights with others.  Thank you in advance!

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